Field prospecting Croatia – April 2019

Mamutovac bauxite deposit (Mt. Promina in the background)

The first field trip (reconnaissance and prospecting) of the Croatian REEBAUX team took place on April 17, 2019. Localities in the Dalmatian inland were visited and first samples collected within WP2 activities. Some of the localities will be also visited during the student workshop in October this year.

Field trip Hungary – April 2019

Project team of ELTE and University of Miskolc with students at the red mud storage site in Hungary

Joint filed trip of ELTE and University of Miskolc project team members and students took place betwen April 8-10, 2019. Four abandoned bauxite mines (Óbarok, Gánt, Darvastó, Iharkút) and two partially re-cultivated red mud storage areas (Almásfüzítő and Ajka) were visited within WP4 activities. The visited areas were thoroughly examined for sampling (WP2 and WP3 activities), including the discussion with the owners of red mud storages.