REEBAUX Round Table – Report

As scheduled, the REEBAUX Round Table was held on-line on December 4, 2020. With all project partners, local stakeholders and students gathered together, the REEBAUX topics and results were presented and discussed. It was also opportunity to present the project Booklet through a series of short related presentations.

REEBAUX Round Table

REEBAUX Round Table will take place on-line on December 4, 2020 (10:00 – 13:00). All registered participants will receive a link by e-mail to join live on-line session. Registration (free and non-obligatory)

Besides a brief presentation of the REEBAUX results during past three years, the Round Table will be opportunity for project partners and all interested stakeholders to exchange ideas and discuss the current situation on critical raw materials (CRM) supply chain in Europe and future perspectives of rare earth element (REE) recovery from domestic resources.

2nd REEBAUX workshop – report

Second REEBAUX project workshop for students and project participants was held successfully on-line on October 16-17, 2020. Around thirty master and PhD. students from universities of the ESEE region attended the workshop together with representatives of the partner institutions who presented topics in bauxite geology, critical raw materials and REE supply chain problems, mineralogy and application of REE, extraction methods of REE, evaluation of mineral resources, red mud storage management as well as red mud applications. The two-day workshop programme also included virtual visits to the great Hungarian bauxite deposits (Gant and Obarok) and red mud landfills in Ajka and Almasfuzito.

Click here to download workshop lectures and to join virtual field trip

2nd REEBAUX Workshop – Important notice (workshop is going on-line)

October 16-17, 2020

As a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, it has been decided to re-organize the workshop as a virtual event. Originally planned to take place in the area of great Hungarian bauxite deposits, the web workshop will bring a virtual tour to some of interesting bauxite deposits as well as to red mud landfills. The workshop will be held on-line on October 16-17, 2020, and all registered participants will be provided with a web link to join the workshop lectures and discussions directly.

The workshop is organized for master and PhD. students with interest in bauxite geology, REE elements and their application as well as in re-usage of red mud (bauxite residue). It is going to be an on-line lecture-discussion-meeting combined with a virtual field trip  to the Ajka red mud storage area and to  some Oligocene and Eocene bauxite deposits of the Transdanubian Range.

A detailed workshop programme will be sent to the registered participants in advance as well as other relevant information.

Please, send your application form and a supervisor’s recommendation letter as soon as possible, so you could receive workshop information and link to join the virtual workshop program on time (Download the application form and recommendation letter template from this web site, and send them completed to the e-mail address indicated in the application form. You do not need to complete fields in the form that are related to travel and accommodation issues now the workshop is re-organized as a virtual event.).

Download application form and recommendation letter template

A detailed workshop programme is available now (click to download)

List of presentations and virtual field trip guide

1st REEBAUX workshop – report

First REEBAUX project workshop for students and project participants took place successfully in Dalmatia inland on October 14-15, 2019. The workshop was attended by master and PhD. students from the partner universities as well as from several non-partner universities of the ESEE region. Representatives of the partner institutions gave lectures in topics related to their expertise in bauxites, red mud and rare earth elements. The venue of the workshop was Ecological Station Vrlika in Ježević (under authority of the University of Zagreb – Faculty of Science). Along with the lectures the two-day workshop programme included visits to three bauxite sites: Vrace (bauxite deposit never exploited), Tošići-Dujići (closed large open-pit bauxite mining site) and Mamutovac (a bauxite deposit with a potential for future exploitation).

List of lectures (with download)

1st REEBAUX workshop – Croatia, October 2019

The 1st REEBAUX workshop will take place in Dalmatia inland, Croatia, on October 14-15, 2019 (starting and ending point is Zagreb; bus transportation to the workshop venue is provided by the organizer). The workshop is intended for master and PhD students from the partner and other ESEE countries, and it will offer in-class lectures on REE, regional geology and stratigraphy related to bauxite deposits, and importance of bauxite applications in industry. Along with the lectures, field trip to local bauxite deposits will be organized, with bauxite professionals on site to present bauxite occurrences, sampling methods and to work with students. The organizers will cover the expenses of the student attendance at the workshop (accommodation, meals, all transport costs), thus number of participants is limited.

Please, send your application and a supervisor’s recommendation letter by July 5, 2019 (Download the application form and recommendation letter template from this web site, and send them completed to the e-mail address indicated in the application form).

Download application form and letter of recommendation template

A detailed workshop programme is available now (click to download).

Drilling project at Mamutovac completed (WP2)

Drilling project within WP2 at the bauxite field Mamutovac has been completed later this September. The activity was organized and coordinated by Croatian Geological Survey, a REEBAUX project partner. The analyses of the drilling core are to bring new data on the bauxite field potential in respect of REE content therein.

WP2 and WP3 activities in Montenegro 2019

Team of the Geological Survey of Montenegro did an excellent job during summer months in 2019. Prospecting work and sampling at a number of potentially perspective bauxite localities in Montenegro (WP2) and core drilling at the red mud accumulation in Podgorica (WP3) were carried out. The collected samples are due to mineralogical and chemical analyses.

Summer 2019 WP2 activities – Croatia

Field work and sampling within WP2 continued during late spring and summer 2019 in Croatia (North and Central Dalmatia inland, Istria and Lika) during several field visits. The collected samples were simultaneously prepared in laboratory for detailed chemical analyses.