2nd REEBAUX Workshop – lectures

Here you can download the lectures presented at the 2nd REEBAUX workshop (organized by the Hungarian REEBAUX team, October 16-17, 2020) in pdf format as well as virtual field trip materials (click to download):


  1. Problem for securing the supply of critical raw materials through recycling management and securing the raw material supply chains (H. Gielisch)
  2. Geology and Geodynamics of Bauxites in the ESEE Region and their REE-resourcesimplications (H-J. Gawlick & A. Minszenty)
  3. An overview of REE in Croatian bauxite deposits (S. Miko, N. Gizdavec, N. Ilijanić)
  4. REEs in bauxite deposits of the Transdanubian Range, Hungary (L. Biro, A. Mindszenty)
  5. Paleogeographic implications of refractory minerals in a Late Jurassic bauxite from Northern Calcareous Alps (T.M.C. Steiner, H-J. Gawlick, F. Melcher, F. Schlagintweit)
  6. REEs in Early Cretaceous bauxites of the Villany Hills, South Hungary (L. Bodi, F. Kristaly, A. Mindszenty)
  7. Rare earth elements in bauxite-related resources in Montenegro and current market situation (S. Radusinović)
  8. Mineralogy of REE elements: From traces to major constitutents; REE ore minerals and synthetic compounds used in industry (N. Tomašić, A. Čobić)
  9. Correlation of geochemical and mineralogical data along vertical profiles of the Ajka bauxite-residue storage (F. Madai & F. Moricz)
  10. Methods of extraction of rare earth elements (A. Grbeš)
  11. Geochemical interpretation of sequential extraction results from Ajka bauxite residue (F. Moricz).
  12. The Ajka tailings management facilities (F. Madai)
  13. REEs in Almasfuzito red mud, Hungary (V.Z. Nagy, Cs. Szabo, M. Lesko)
  14. General Methods and Approaches on Estimation of Mineral Resources – Cut-off grades in general and focusing on REE in bauxites and red muds (F. Lowicki)
  15. Red mud – from waste to resource (A. Mladenovič, P. Oprčkal, V. Zalar Serjun)

Virtual field trip

Virtual field trip guide

Introduction to the virtual tour to Gant

Virtual tour to Gant bauxite deposits (movie opens in YouTube)

Introduction to the virtual tour to Obarok

Virtual tour to Obarok bauxite deposit (movie opens in YouTube)