1st REEBAUX Workshop – lectures

Here you can download the lectures presented at the 1st REEBAUX workshop (Dalmatia Inland, October 14-15, 2019) in pdf format (click to download):

  1. Rare earth elements: Mineralogy and geochemistry (N. Tomašić, A. Čobić)
  2. Triassic-Jurassic tectonostratigraphy of the Dinarides and related areas (H.J. Gawlick)
  3. Bauxites unconformities and tectonics in general and in the Transdanubian Range in particular (A. Mindszenty)
  4. General stratigraphy of the bauxite deposits in the Dinarides (I. Vlahović)
  5. REE in bauxites of Montenegro (S. Radusinović)
  6. Rare earth minerals in the Transdanubian bauxites of northwest Hungary (CriticEL project, 2012-2014) (V. Madai)
  7. Application of red mud for the remediation of contaminated soil (V. Zalar Serjun, A. Mladenovič, P. Oprčkal)
  8. REE in world economy, the relation of REE and Bauxite Residues (BR’s), and a new technical procedure to separate the REE’s (H. Gielisch)
  9. Methods and approaches in estimation of mineral resources and reasonable cut-off grades in general and focusing on REE in bauxites (F. Lowicki)
  10. Short overview of the field trip bauxite localities in the Oklaj area (S. Miko)